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Tennessee Registered Agent

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Tennessee state law requires that all business entities appoint and maintain a registered agent within the state. Tennessee Registered Agent LLC is a legitimate commercial registered agent. Our registered office is located in Knoxville. We accept service of process on behalf of our clients, as well as other legal correspondence and state notifications (such as annual report reminders).

When you hire Tennessee Registered Agent LLC, you’ll get instant access to your online account, complete with the Tennessee business forms you need. We provide straightforward filing tips and how-to guides to help you understand exactly what needs to be done. You’ll also have the ability to order our domain name, website, email, and phone services, so you can establish your online business presence and keep your personal email and phone private. If you have questions, our friendly, knowledgeable staff is on-hand and ready to take your call.

Why Am I Required to Have a Tennessee Registered Agent?

Tennessee state statutes (Tenn. Code Ann. § 48-15-101) require business entities to continuously maintain a registered agent and registered office within the state of Tennessee.

The law is designed to ensure that the public and government agencies/officials can reliably contact all businesses registered in Tennessee, especially when legal action is taken against a company. If your company is sued, service of process (notification of a lawsuit) will be delivered to your registered agent.

What Does a Tennessee Registered Agent Do?

  • Maintain a registered office (physical street address) within the state
  • Keep regular business hours throughout the year
  • Accept and sign for service of process on behalf of clients
  • Accept and sign for legal correspondence on behalf of clients
  • Monitor Secretary of State compliance requirements
  • Send all documents to clients in a timely manner

Starting Your Business with Local Registered Agents

Starting your business in Tennessee? Whether you’re forming an LLC, incorporating, or registering an out-of-state company to start doing business in Tennessee, our business formation service is the best value in Tennessee. Learn why by following the link for your business entity below:

Change Tennessee Registered Agent

Option #1: Submit Change of Agent Form

There are separate forms for LLCs and corporations. The Department of State, Division of Business Services (DBS) provides forms for Registered Agent Change online. You can file online or use their online tool to print the correct form for your business entity.

  • Tennessee Corporations file Form SS-4427, Change of Registered Agent/Office (by corporation).
  • Tennessee LLCs file Form SS-4225, Change of Registered Agent/Office (by limited liability company).

If you’re choosing to file by mail or in person, you’ll need to submit one original change of agent form with a check, cashier’s check, or money order payable to the “Tennessee Secretary of State” ($20 filing fee for both LLCs and Corporations). The address for submitting paper filing:

Department of State
Division of Business Services
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Snodgrass Tower, 6th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

If you hire us for service, both of these forms are already available through your online account—be sure to choose “Change Registered Agent” when signing up for service.

Option #2: Update Annual Report

You can make a change to your Tennessee registered agent when you file your annual report. The Tennessee Secretary of State website allows you to file your annual report online.

There is a $20 fee for changing agents, in addition to the annual report fee itself.

Option #3: Amend Corporate Charter or Articles of Organization

You can submit an amendment to the Secretary of State that changes your registered agent. You can access the appropriate forms through the DBS Business Forms & Fees library.

  • Tennessee LLC amendments (SS-4247)
  • Tennessee Corporation amendments (SS-4421).

You must submit your amendments by mail. There is a $20 fee to file an amendment.

Note: There is a convenience fee charged for online transactions. The fee is $2.25 for Corporations and $8.25 for LLCs.

How Do I File My Formation Documents?

Option #1: E-File

The Tennessee Secretary of State offers an online portal so you can file your formation documents online. This is the fastest and most efficient way to file your documents.

Formation Filing Fee:

  • $100 for Corporations
  • $50 per initial member for LLCs ($300 minimum and $3000 maximum)

There is a convenience fee for online filing: $8.25 for LLCs and $4.25 for Corporations.

Option #2: Print and Mail

The filing fees are the same as above, minus the convenience fee. You can pay with Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order. Do not send Cash through the mail.

Option #3: Walk-In

You can also print your forms and bring them directly to the Secretary of State’s office. If you do so, you can pay in Cash (or any other form).

Forms can be mailed or delivered to:

Tennessee Secretary of State
ATTN: Corporate Filing
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Snodgrass Tower, 6th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243-1102

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